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Online Peer Learning Groups

Supporting family business leaders

Are you experiencing the feelings of isolation that can come with running a family firm during the current crisis? If so, you aren’t alone. And thanks to our Peer Learning Groups initiative, you never have to be.  


Here at Family Business United we have teamed up with Be The Business, Thomas Jardine & Co and The Family Business Network to introduce some virtual peer groups to bring together family business owners/directors and provide opportunities to discuss the challenges that are currently being faced and learn from others as to how they are tackling the challenges.  


And, even better, the programme is free to join too.  


How it works

Our Peer Learning Groups enable small groups to meet regularly and work through complex issues together.


On a regular basis, you’ll come together online in a group of like-minded family firm leaders to discuss real business challenges. This gives you a safe and supportive place to explore ways to improve your business and refine your leadership skills. Normally sessions are held every 3-4 weeks but groups can decide the regularity of sessions.  


Each group will comprise of up to eight leaders and managers from family firms in the region. The groups will be put together to include members with common challenges and ambition for their businesses, but also to ensure that no direct competitors or representatives from the same firm are within a group. It is an ideal opportunity to discuss and share ideas with a peer group of people who may well have been through, or be experiencing, the same challenges as you, and therefore be able to offer different perspectives, insights and thoughts on the matters that are of real concern to you.


What’s involved? 

Regular online sessions of around 90 minutes, in a small group overseen by a trained facilitator. Discussions are confidential, so be prepared to get candid in sharing your concerns and challenges, as well as offering open and honest feedback. 


Where you’ll gain?

Peer learning helps with the specific set of leadership skills needed to make a business thrive, like listening and awareness, coaching and precision questioning. It can also give you more confidence to take action and make decisive changes in your business. 


Leaders can also gain:

  • A supportive group of trusted business leaders to work through real life business issues and complications

  • The confidence to act and make decisive changes in their business

  • The leadership skills needed to support your employees through this difficult time

  • Access to a sounding board which can challenge your thinking and strategies

  • An enhanced network, and access to a range of tools, content and support

Who can join?

The Peer Learning Groups Programme is targeted to SME leaders and managers from family firms based all across the UK.

To register your interest in taking part please do get in touch, initially by email to and we will then contact you with all the details.

There is no financial cost to participate although participants will need to commit to attending the online meetings once a month over a three-month period and to engage throughout the programme.

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