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Support Family Firms

Work For A Family Business 

Times have suddenly changed and we are aware that people are having to find new ways of working and sadly, in some cases, find new places to work. To that end we wanted to create a simple jobs board as some family firms are recruiting. 


Check out the board and get in touch with any of the organisations listed directly.  We will endeavour to keep the lists as up to date as possible and have included the date posted as an indicator of how long positions have been available.


If you want jobs to be added to the list please just send an email to with a title, description, location and link/email to include.

You can also join in the campaign on social media using the hashtag #SupportFamilyBusiness and by following @FamilyBizPaul here and becoming part of the #familybusiness community.

New Opportunities

Bardsley - England

South East - Produced in Kent.  Since 1892 the Bardsley family have been growing award winning top fruit and stone fruit. Jobs available to help #feedthenation


Posted March 20, 2020

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